Dr Rob Moss

Research Fellow
Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Melbourne School of Population and Global Health
The University of Melbourne
Office 335
207 Bouverie St
(03) 8344 9430
rgmoss AT unimelb edu au

Mathematical modelling of biological and physiological systems:
• Infectious disease epidemics to inform health-care policy (details); and
• Neurohormonal regulation of renal water and sodium excretion (details).

Interactive SEIR model

Influenza posts Dec 20, 2016Influenza Modelling Visualisation

Originally prepared as a simple demo for 2016 Open Day, this interactive model allows the viewer to explore how a variety of epidemiological parameters affect the size and duration of an infectious disease epidemic, such as:

A week is a long time in politics

Influenza posts Jun 12, 2016Forecasting Influenza Visualisation

A year has passed since my last post, and much has happened. I contributed to 6 government reports, submitted 5 first-author papers, became a reviewer for 4 more journals, gave 3 talks about our influenza forecasting project, enrolled 2 jurisdictions in our forecasting project, and joined 1 surveillance system. Here is the 2015/16 financial year recap …

Virtual model environment

Kidney posts Jun 12, 2015Modelling Whole-kidney

Thanks to Daniel Hurley from the University of Melbourne Systems Biology Laboratory, the whole-kidney model that I produced with S. Randall Thomas is now available as a virtual environment that is straightforward to install and get running.