Pressure natriuresis in diuresis and antidiuresis

Kidney posts Feb 21, 2014 Modelling Whole-kidney

Dominant factors that govern pressure natriuresis in diuresis and antidiuresis: a mathematical model” (a collaboration with Anita T. Layton) has been accepted by AJP Renal and is now available online in advance of final publication.

Building on observations in my previous modelling study, we investigated how pressure natriuresis—in both diuresis and antidiuresis—can be influenced by changes in medullary blood flow autoregulation and by inhibition of transport in the proximal convoluted tubule (PCT). We found that inhibited reabsorption in the model PCT (to degrees consistent with experimental measurements) is sufficient to stimulate a pressure natriuresis.

The challenge here is that there is insufficient experimental data to quantify the pressure-dependent reabsorption inhibition in the PCT, but it is precisely this response that appears to play the single largest role in driving pressure natriuresis. Our modelling study establishes a reasonable benchmark for this quantitative relationship, which can be applied to future whole-kidney models.