Hormonal regulation of salt and water excretion

Kidney posts Jan 15, 2014 Modelling Whole-kidney

My article “Hormonal regulation of salt and water excretion: a mathematical model of whole-kidney function and pressure-natriuresis” (a collaboration with S. Randall Thomas), has been published in AJP Renal. It was also selected as the subject for an Editorial Focus essay, “Advancement in integrated models of renal function: closing the gap between simulation and real life”, written by Branko Braam.

We present a whole-kidney model that incorporates glomerular and tubular function, differentiates cortical and medullary function, and describes vascular and reabsorptive characteristics of the kidney. Model simulations explore the regulation of renal function by aldosterone, angiotensin II, and antidiuretic hormone (ADH), and also the inhibition of sodium reabsorption in response to the administration of a thiazide and of amiloride. This model of integrated renal function is quite successful in simulating renal function, although there are of course several caveats. The article also provides a broad survey of both renal modelling and the experimental literature.

In addition to the manuscript itself, interactive versions of a key figure—a comparison of model excretion rates against data from a number of experimental studies of acute pressure natriuresis in the rat—allow the viewer to examine each data series in isolation and refer back to the original articles.